Tuesday, 31 May 2016

435 | Bird-friendliest town in Namibia to be chosen



BirdsConTour started a competition to encourage citizens of Namibia via the wild garden birds towards a nature-friendly urban development. The competition started on 5 May, in commemoration of the World Environment Day on the same day, and will run until 9 December. It is also based on the Bird of the Year 2015 project, in which the House Sparrow was elected as an ambassador for bird friendly towns in Namibia.
Namibia's cities develop at an alarming speed and it is the concern of BirdsConTour not to commit the same mistake as many other cities in the world, but to establish the cities of Namibia bird friendly as early as possible.
Therefore every citizen can contribute by taking natural nesting sites into account and/or attaching artificial nests such as nest boxes.
To bring this to attention, BirdsConTour calls citizens to participate in this competition by photographing any natural or artificial, inhabited or uninhabited wild bird nests you can find in any town of Namibia and send these pictures via Whattsapp to the BirdsConTour hotline 081 129 8415 together with your full name, email address and the according town/s and stand a chance to win a Namibia bird book sponsored by BirdsConTour.
The closing date for the pictures is on 30 November. The town with the most different nest sites sent in will win! The announcement on Namibia's bird friendliest town will be announced on 9 December. The lucky draw of the participants also takes place on 9 December.

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