Saturday, 23 January 2016

414 | Namibian Bird of the Year 2016 announced


As the Bird of the Year 2016 Namibia the birds conservation and tourism organization BirdsConTour elected the Lappet-faced Vulture, our biggest vulture species, whose existence is under threat. In the Lappet-faced Vulture Year our vultures - the Palm-nut Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Hooded Vulture, White-backed Vulture, Cape Vulture, White-headed Vulture - will become even better known.
Each year since 2013 a Bird of the Year Namibia is chosen by BirdsConTour. Birds are excellent flagship animals and useful health indicators of the environment. This annual initiative serves BirdsConTour for creating awareness about birds and bird habitat conservation.
The Lappet-faced Vulture (Torgos tracheliotos) is an Old World vulture belonging to the bird order Accipitriformes and is the only member of the genus Torgos. It does not share the good sense of smell of some members of the New World vultures and is not closely related to them.
This largest African vulture has a 3-meter wingspan and weighs 15 kilos. This powerful species can open a fresh carcass. Pesticide poisoning and persecution has caused a decline in its population.

Previous birds of the year
2015 - House Sparrow
2014 - Kori Bustard
2013 - Common Ostrich

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