Sunday, 27 September 2015

390 | World Tourism Day 2015: Celebrating traveling, sustainabletraveling

Welfare, Conservation & Tourism

Annually on the 27th of September the world celebrates one of its most important industries, now already for the 35th year. Already in 2013 the tourism industry generated more than $ 7.58 trillion, which supplies millions of people with jobs, keeps taxes flowing to governments and enables economies to flourish. 

But tourism is about more than money and jobs. When managed responsibly and sustainably it gives wings to nature conservation around the globe. The sustainable travel consciousness is growing and becomes strong around the world. BirdsConTour continuously seeks to educate people on responsible tourism.
Here are some simple suggestions that can be easily instituted and will make you a responsible and sustainable traveler.
- Inform yourself about environmental issues in the places you are visiting

- Use water sparingly
While waiting for the water to flow warm, catch the cold water in a bucket for watering the garden for example. Sustainable accommodations will offer this service.

- Make use of a reusable water bottle

- Save electricity 
- Reduce, reuse, recycle 
- Use local and public transport 
- Buy local, eat local 
- Don't litter
- Don't buy products made from endangered species or valuable, historical, or cultural artifacts 
- Don't disturb the wildlife 
- Don't remove natural resources 
- Inform yourself about necessary permits and the rules 
- Choose to support sustainable activities 
- Support sustainable accommodations 
-Respect people and their traditions, local taboos and customs
- Choose thoughtful gifts (souvenirs)

Thank you for your support, with your travels you support people and nature.
BirdsConTour wishes you a safe and sustainable travel!

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