Tuesday, 27 January 2015

309 | Recycling supports bird life


There are many easy ways to become active in bird conservation. Many old items, often thrown away as trash, can fast and easy be recycled to help improve a certain habitat and thereby supporting birds.

Remember - Any recycling you can do helps reduce litter and will create a more sustainable environment that helps preserve bird habitat for generations to come!
BirdsConTour points out some ideas to recycle to help the birds:

1. Old dishes can be used to create                       rustic feeders or unique bird baths.

2. Plastic bottles can be transformed into   bird feeders.

3. Old kettles and jars can be attached in appropriate locations to serve as bird nesting ledges.

4. Pet fur and similar materials can be recycled as ideal nesting material.

5. A whisk makes a superb nest material dispenser.

6. Out of old wood rustic bird houses or feeders can be build. Old nest boxes can easily be renovated.

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