Tuesday, 17 June 2014

282 | WORDS OF FEATHER EDITORIAL (1.6.-13.6.2014)


Art. # 282
Words of Feather – Editorial (01.06. – 13.06.2014)

Cover page layout: Stefan Rust
Cover page photos: Stefan Rust
Editor: Stefan Rust

Dear reader,

some more detailed reports on welfare, conservation and tourism activities are published in articles

271 Living next door to ellies,
272 It’s time to show your art skills,
273 Cleaning the routes traveled,
274 Travel & Help,
275 Triggering Traveling,
276 Cooka Boo and social guests
277 New Award system,
278 Travel Report,
279 Structure updated,
280 African Sacred Ibis,
281 BirdsConTour Report and
282 Words of Feather Editorial

available under the blogspot Words of Feather www.birdscontour.blogspot.com
It is all about welfare, conservation and tourism!

Dear reader, please remember to contact BirdsConTour for the annual renewal of your Support Award. Also report any changes that could have an influence on the rating (amount of penguin symbols on your award) of your award.
Find out more about this new Support Award system in Words of Feather (www.birdscontour.blogspot.com) article 277.

Kind Regards
Stefan Rust
Cell: +264 (0) 81 129 8415
P.O.Box 5182, Windhoek, Namibia 

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